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Sozo Life Ministries is a teaching ministry. Our passion is to take the Gospel of God’s unconditional love and grace to the nation of Poland. We are very excited about the journey that God has placed ahead of us and about the mighty works that God has in store for the people of Poland.

Please look around our website to find out more about our vision and our journey. 

We hope that God’s love and compassion for the people of Poland will resonate with your heart.  

God Bless You,  
Joseph and Ewa Sederstrom
"Teaching people about all the blessings granted by God to men in Christ."
September - 2016
  • 2016/2017 CBC School Year begins
August - 2016
  • "The Believer's Authority" - Planned publication
June - 2016
  • Attended Charis Bible College Annual Directors' Meeting
  • "Grace - The Power of the Gospel" - Book published
May - 2016
  • 10 - 2nd Year Students Graduated from CBC Poland !!!​
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Sozo (Greek σώζω) means: to rescue, to save, to heal, to make whole.  It represents all the blessings granted by God to man in Jesus Christ.

NEWSLETTER-  August 2016
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Destiny Story - July 2016
  • Ewa and Joseph's story about God leading them to Poland

Andrew in Poland - May 2015
  • Andrew's visit to Poland and 2015 Graduation