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"Teaching people about all the blessings granted by God to men in Christ."
copyright 2010 Sozo Life Ministries 
Joseph Sederstrom leads and oversees the legal and financial aspects of this ministry.  In addition to his leadership skills, Joseph is a teacher, prayer warrior, and has a heart full of compassion and love for people.
CLICK HERE to read Joseph's Testimony of Salvation.
Nancy Shaw supports Sozo Life by taking care of all the US side activities.  Nancy is in charge of all finances and administrative work and lives in Colorado Springs.  Her work enables the rest of the team to be on the field in Poland. 
CLICK HERE to read Nancy's Testimony of Salvation 
Ewa Sederstrom helps Joseph to lead the ministry.  She oversees the administrative and teaching aspects of the ministry.  She is a teacher, has strong administrative skills, and has a heart that overflows with the joy of the Lord. She will translate and prepare teaching materials in the Polish language. 
CLICK HERE to read Ewa's Testimony of Salvation