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Photo Gallery 2010
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Joseph and Ewa at their home in Colorado.
Presenting our vision for Poland to Andrew Wommack and Wendell Parr.
Joseph and Ewa with their pastors - Penny and Dan Funkhouser
Enjoying a visit with pastors Sue and John Donnelly from Scotland.
Joseph presenting our ministry to Heartbeat Ministry International church in Colorado Springs
Having a great time with our friend from CBC, Samantha Crowell.
Some of our UK mission trip team members at Warwick Castle.
2010 Springtime  
(l to r) Joseph and Ewa, 
Alex and Julie Palomares, 
Carrie and Mike Pickett
At the CBC Directors meeting, June 2010.
Joe Hunt, Ewa, Joseph - the Sozo Team.
David & Julie (+ Hannah) Forgoston,  
Julie & Alex Palomares, 
Russ Forgoston, 
Joseph and Ewa
At our going away party.
Joseph & Ewa, Kim Harrison, Alex & Julie, Mark Harrison, Mary Malone.  
Thanks to Mark, Kim, and Mary for such a beautiful sendoff!
Joseph pointing to the sign for his language school.  It reads:  
Studium Języka Polskiego dla Cudzoziemców  
(School of Polish for Foreigners).
Modern buildings in Łódż.
Visiting with Kasia and Marcin Borowski in Kraków.  Kasia and Marcin are Andrew's official translators for his books in Poland.
One of the many beautiful buildings in downtown Łódż.
2010 Summer
2010 Fall / Winter
Strolling at Manufaktura shopping center.  Manufaktura is a 1900's textile factory that has been renovated into a hotel, shopping center, and popular people place.
Another view of the beautiful brickwork of Manufaktura.
The Mexican - yes, you can get something to eat here beside pierogi - but, why would you want to?
A vintage Fiat 128 car show.
November 1 - Wszystkich Świętych  (All Saints Day).  
A national holiday in Poland.  Almost everybody visits the graves of relatives and friends to pay respects with flowers and candles.
November 1 - Wszystkich Świętych  (All Saints Day).   
The people work hard to beautify the graves.
Our apartment building.  We are on the sixth floor on the very left side. We have views to the south, west, and north.
Snowy streets in Łódż.
A gentleman we met while out walking.  He took such pride in doing a good job  of shoveling snow n front of his building.