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Photo Gallery 2011
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2011 January
Plac Wolnosci - "Freedom" Monument
Ewa's "Beloved 46" - still running after all these years.
Beloved 46 again.
Pastors Karol and Agnieszka - the pastors at the church we attend here in Łódź.
Our good friends Pastors Marek and Kasia from Chojnice.
Snowy trail through the park.
Through the snowy park returning home from shopping.
Home at last - the view from our kitchen window.
2011 Summer
With Andrew at the CBC Directors' meeting in July.
With Greg, Janice, and Mark Becking (Netherlands) at CBC Directors' meeting in July.
Many roads are narrow in Poland and almost all roads are tree-lined like this one.  Stay on the road!  Those are BIG, old trees.
Ewa teaching at Pastor Marek's home church in Chojnice.
Working with Pastor Marek who is helping develop our CBC Poland webpage.
Our meeting with Pastor Paweł (Paul) Godawa in August.
On the train to Kraków.  Probably the most enjoyable way to get around in Poland - no road traffic.
With Pastors Jerzy and Ilona at Dom Łazarza ("House of Lazarus") in Kraków.  They founded this rescue mission in 1999.
With our translator Lucy.  Simply put - she is a joy.
2011 Fall
Ewa teaching Discipleship Evangelism in the church we attend.
Greg and Janice Mohr visiting in Poland.  Greg is the Administrative Director of AWMI World Outreach.
Pastors who are members of the federation of churches we are affiliated with.  Meeting in Kraków.
Pastor Ewa (in red) from Warsaw and Pastor Marek (stripes) from Chojnice.
Joseph, Pastor Denise from Nowy Targ, Pastor Jerzy and his wife Bożena from Warsaw.
With Pastor Mariusz from Pabianice.
With Pastor Przemek from Lublin.
With Pastor Wojtek Włoch from Kraków.
On the train returning from Kraków and the pastors' conference we attended.  How did we get that pic at 60mph?  (hint: long arms)