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Photo Gallery 2012
"Teaching people about all the blessings granted by God to men in Christ."
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2012 Fall - CBC Poland Grand Opening
Sidewalk entrance outside our facility.
Looking through the fence to the entrance to our facility.
At the entrance door.  We are located on the third floor.
Ewa signing the lease to our facility.
Demolition before remodeling.
More demolition looking toward the front door.
Complete Discipleship Evangelism course translated into Polish.
Lukasz (our translator) and his wife Ela.  She does the final editing for grammar and readability.
With Pastor Darek and Monica who visited us in Łódź.
2012 Summer
Grand opening of CBC Polska praise and worship.
Witamy Studentów CBC.
Welcome CBC Students.
Official ribbon cutting ceremony.
(From right Pastor Karol, Pastor Wojtek, Ela, Joseph, Ewa)
Praise and worship.
Praise and worship.
Ewa and Ela at the registration desk.
Now CBC Poland is in session.
Introducing our first class of CBC Poland.
2012 Spring
Celebrating our first Christmas together with CBC students.
Communion table.
Ewa with students.
Opening gifts from the students to us.
Our gifts (memory books) to the students.
Christmas pot luck - Delicious....
More goodies brought by students.
"I can't believe you ate the whole thing!"
2012 Jan - Feb
With Andrew at the Directors' Conference.
Having lunch with our dear friends Alex and Julie and our super administrator, Joe Hunt (orange shirt).
The entrance door to our ministry and Bible school on the 3rd floor.
Moving in - assembling file cabinets.
Assembling break room furniture with our translator, Lukasz.
Checking out the sound system and getting trained.
Assembling and installing our kitchen.  In Europe you get an empty kitchen, but you have to install your own cabinets and appliances.
Working on DVDs - matching subtitles to video before burning.
2012 Christmas Party
With our dear friends George and Judi Appleton at their school CBC Plymouth.
Ewa and Joseph sharing our vision for CBC Polska and Sozo Life Ministries at CBC Plymouth.
Joseph teaching at CBC Plymouth.
Making friends with Pastor Karol and members of his church here in Łódź
Coffee and the Word in the morning.  Can anything be better?
Teaching DE to a group from Pastor Karol's church.
Ewa and our friend Pastor Ewa in Warsaw.
With our friend Ola.  Now a student at CBC Polska.