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We have two main projects that we are working on in Poland to proclaim God's unconditional love and grace to people. 

#1 – Establishing Charis Bible College 
#2 – Discipleship program

Project #1 – Establish Charis Bible College (CBC) 
in Lodz, Poland

CBC Poland is an extension school of CBC in Colorado, USA.  
It is a 2-year Bible school with an optional 3rd year of apprenticeship program.

We opened the school in September of 2012 and are currently in our 1st year of studies. 
Please take a look at Andrews VIDEO announcing CBC Poland ------------------>>>

There is still much work to be done since this project requires that all the school materials are translated from English to Polish.  So as we are moving forward with the translation task, we are also moving forward with preparation for the 2nd year program.  
The school has been received very well in Poland.  We have been blessed with a great first group of students who are willing to join us on our pioneering path. 

For more information on our school, please visit school’s webpage in either English or Polish.

Picture of our 1st year students!
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Project #2 -  Discipleship Program

It is our desire to see people who believe in Jesus to live a victorious, everyday life in Christ.  We believe that if we can teach people what God has done for them and how they can live such victorious lives, in exchange they will teach others the same truths.  In other words we are committed to make disciples.  

To do this, we use a simple course called “Discipleship Evangelism “ (DE).  
The DE course is a course of study developed by Andrew Wommack and Don Krow.  The lesson materials have been proven around the world to be an effective way to educate believers and non-believers alike about the core truths of Christianity.

We teach, promote and share with others the DE materials.  Since we started this project, several pastors have adopted this program within their churches and home groups.  

The entire DE teaching materials - 48 lessons - have been translated into Polish in 2012.  To receive these materials in Polish, please CLICK HERE.
​(Note:  This links to our Polish webpage.)

"Teaching people about all the blessings granted by God to men in Christ."
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Our Saturday-school students in the sunshine.